The purchase and sale of weaner/feeder pigs is another area of the swine industry we are committed to providing value-added marketing services. Parks Livestock’s weaner/feeder pig business operates in all hog production regions in the United States and Canada.

Expansion, over production, performance issues and market conditions can change an operation’s nursery/finishing flow and needs. From early weaner/feeder pig marketing to nursery/finisher placement, Parks Livestock has the tools to assist you when this happens.

Quality Source of Weaner/Feeder Pigs

  • We source pigs from across the United States and Canada
  • We source from high quality herds with leading genetics to help producers improve performance and to produce premium market hogs

Herd Health Information and History is Vital

  • Vet to vet consultation
  • Policy of full disclosure
  • Background information on herd history and health helps maximize production results

Logistics and Transportation

  • Logistics experts make delivery arrangements to meet your production schedules
  • Offices located in U.S. and Canada to better serve our customers


Chris Gehl

Cell: (519) 871-8911

Teresa Baker

Cell: (515) 490-2649


Lawren Parks

Cell: (910) 284-0180